Can you handle all this blog!?

Yes! That’s right!

The site is finally up and live, which means; now I have a place to safely post all my incredibly and ridiculously lewd content!

However, I imagine how hard it’s going to be for people to randomly stumble upon my site and not a famous Poker player or whoever else. so, to make sure people know what is going on, I’ll be constantly blogging about it.

Since this site engine has a very powerful array of web tools, I can upload images and all sort of things in here, so that should be dope. I’ll be using these tools to announce new drawings and things that I end up posting around (along with sharing these in social media too), but I’ll be focusing more on this site.

Make sure to subwoof to the newsletters on the right, bookmark this site and give my comics a read if you haven’t already!
Oh, and tell your friends too, I bet they’re into all the depravities that I’m doing c: