A Small forray into Tabletop mapping

As you could’ve expected, I went and drew some content for my D&D game I’ve been running.

I decided to go and make a homebrew campaign and come up with literally everything for my first time ever playing AND DM’ing it. Can’t say it was the wisest move, but it was definitely interesting!.

Here’s a map of the “starting city” of Dorf.

Lazy as I am, I decided to use some generators I’ve found online to decide on the name, size and whatever other aspects I couldn’t come up with, and to boot, I totally got the orientation of the map wrong, so I rotated the compass to the corner, since the initial idea was to have the port to the bottom of the map anyways.

I also thought it’d be nice to make every building unique; I gave up after the first 6 blocks and employed a healthy dose of Ctrl C-V to make things come along faster. It turned out great in the end! :D