A Magic Shop Map

A two stories tall magic shop consisting of a shop in the basement floor (on the right) and a modest dwelling on the first floor (on the left).

Along the citizens the party could check on, one of them was the magic shop owner, who was simpatizing with a necromancer that the adventurers where hunting. The group, however, never got around to trying to seek the merchant and ended up leaving without ever checking up on them.

Therefore, this map never got used!

Which, in a way, is kind of okay. This map isn't anything espetacular or interesting. A very basic layout that makes sense, logically and architecturaly speaking, but isn't very exciting or interesting altogether. Just an impromptu map in case confront ever arose from interactions.

On the bright side, since I never used this battlemap, I can still spring it on my party whenever. Because if there's one thing I've learned with one of my groups, is that they can make combat ensue whenever and wherever.

Feel free to use this map on any adventure you want and enjoy :D