The Beer Adventure (Five Room Dungeon)

This was my map idea for a 5-room dungeon adventure I thought up for my players;

1 - (Entrance with Guardian) They’d get a rumor from their local innkeep telling them how one of their regulars stopped showing up.

2 - (Puzzle or RP challenge) The group would discover that the bar regular was last seen at a shaddy tavern, one that he never went to before.

3 - (Trick or Setback) All clues that the players find leads them to the shaddy tavern, but the barkeep is adamant that the regular was there, but left afterwards.

4 - (Big Climax) The players break into the tavern somehow to find a big underground operation of missing clients enchanted with some form of magic potion they drank instead of beer, there, they also find the barkeep.

5 - (Reward, Revelation) The players learn that the barkeep was actually working for a mage, who has a tower across the block. He’s been turning some customers into slaves to sell, and was keeping them in his underground dungeon (the version we played was lewder).

I actually made this map in a livestream where I talked through the process and got suggestions as I made a map and an adventure at the same time.

Feel free to use this map in your adventures and do check out the replay below!