The Map of Many Manors

This is another battlemap for one of my groups.

They were seeking to disband a cult of necromancers in town, they found through exploring that the cult was after certain citizens, one of which was the mayor. The adventurers then headed to her house, only to find it overrun with cultists and the mayor already captured.

This house design was an attempt to standardize a way of drawing these battle maps, and also a way to think about fantasy medieval home designs. With large bedrooms with canopy beds and servant beds beside them, a two floor library/study and a bathroom with just a bathtub.
This map also featured a second floor (which the group never got around to exploring) which was meant to add a vertical layer to the combat, along with many furniture that could be used as cover against the assailants.

In the end, none of these elements came into play and very little of the map was used (the entire battle consisted of the entrance, the living room and the dining room (albeit briefly). It was good practice on drawing maps, though and I learned many tricks to draw these things. Tricks that I'll definitely be using in the future.

However, in the future, I ended up using the same battlemap for another mayor house and my players were none the wiser. So I guess there’s an upside to not fully revealing maps, huh :D

Feel free to use this battlemap in your campaigns and adventures!