Little updates all over the place

Hello there, everyone!

Just showing up to give you guys a small weekly update;

I’ve gone through the comics page to add links to buy physical copies of the Golden Week from Rabbit Valley (yes! You can have TGW in print) and also a Patreon link at the top.
I have also added Portuguese translation to the 6 first issues (translation for the 7th coming out within the next weeks) and a cover for the Interdictor!

Aside from that, not a whole lot has been going on, but I made a new drawing for one of my delicious supporters Zak Avatarz (which OniMutt has been kind enough to provide colors for), you can check out these babies down bellow.

And that’s it for now! I hope you all have amazing holidays and festivities and drink responsably.

See you all later, you scandalous rascals ;)

Can you handle all this blog!?

Yes! That’s right!

The site is finally up and live, which means; now I have a place to safely post all my incredibly and ridiculously lewd content!

However, I imagine how hard it’s going to be for people to randomly stumble upon my site and not a famous Poker player or whoever else. so, to make sure people know what is going on, I’ll be constantly blogging about it.

Since this site engine has a very powerful array of web tools, I can upload images and all sort of things in here, so that should be dope. I’ll be using these tools to announce new drawings and things that I end up posting around (along with sharing these in social media too), but I’ll be focusing more on this site.

Make sure to subwoof to the newsletters on the right, bookmark this site and give my comics a read if you haven’t already!
Oh, and tell your friends too, I bet they’re into all the depravities that I’m doing c:

My own personal site!

Welp, there it is!

Ever since I got serious about doing comics back in 2014, I’ve been trying to find a place online to host it at. My first option was make a site of my own, which was good, but managing it was incredibly laborious and slow. Then I moved to Wordpress and had a lot of problems concerning security there. Lastly, I took it to Tumblr, but now with Tumblr deciding to remove all adult content from their site, once again I’m forced to migrate all of my comics.

I have also decided to get a domain of my own, to make it easier for people to find my work and centralize my audience, but I also did that through Tumblr, which didn’t seem to work out due to the amount of adult art I’ve been doing.

So, I’ve finally gotten around to creating a site of my own again, but now using Squarespace.
I also decided to merge both contents in a single place. Have my art portfolio and my comics in the same site to make it easier for everyone to find my stuff. So there it goes!

Here’s to hoping this one lasts longer than my last attempts combined and cheers to a new world of web publishing!

Now, I’m off to finish fiddling with this system and upload a few more gigabytes of porn here and there.

See ya!

PS. Remember to leave a comment down bellow that so I can test the comment system in here and consider subwoofing to hear more from me in the future~