These are comics that I have written and illustrated myself.
Starting with the Golden Week that ran from 2012 to 2017, the Call me Series that started 2017 and is still ongoing, and also the Interdictor, which was my attempt at doing an adventure comic, unlike my usual romance stuff.

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Interdictor (2018-2019)

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Interdictor 01 (2018)

Interdictor is a sci-fi story that takes place in a canine world during the industrial era and political turmoil, where internal conflicts and outside powers force the imperial family to make the leap into a much larger universe than they could have foreseen.

Call me Series (NPS Stories) (2018-Ongoing)

CMY2 - 00 - Cover.jpg

Call me Yours - Part 2 (NSFW) (2019)

Nathan continues to dwel in a journey of recollections and self-discovery as he and Wallace grow even closer together in this new adult erotic fiction story.

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Call me Yours - Part 1 (NSFW) (2018)

After hearing and writing about his friend’s tales, it’s time for Nathan to face a story and a past of his own in this adult erotic fiction story.

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Call me Father (NSFW) (2018)

It’s Gavin’s turn to tell an incredibly unlikely story, but that doesn’t deters Nathan from chronicling this adult erotic fiction as well.

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Call me Daddy (NSFW) (2017)

Nathan’s first forage into the world of adult erotic fiction features Bradley and his boyfriend Jackie, who takes their daddy play to the next level.

The Golden Week Series (2012-2017)

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The Golden Week - Part 7 (2017)

This is it. After all they’ve been through, after all they’ve endured, after all the pressure, all the hiding, all the trouble, this is where Scott’s and Derek’s relationship will be trully tested. This is where both their futures will be decided, in the 7th and final chapter of the Golden Week.

Enjoy this shocking conclusion to Derek and Scott’s story and remember to buy the physical edition if you liked it!


The Golden Week - Part 6 (2016)

Scott and Derek finally confirmed their feelings for each othe and brought their relationship to a new level, but now the problem lies closer to home; learning how to deal with his new romance and Jane and Matthew’s attempts to learn the truth about Scott.

EN-5-00 - Cover.jpg

The Golden Week - Part 5 (2015)

After Matthew's forceful advances, Scott finds it in himself to ask Derek on a date. With Edward gone, Derek confides with Maria his feelings for Scott; thus, they take the first step towards building their relationship. The question that remains is: "Will it work out in the end?"


The Golden Week - Part 4 (2014)

After finding out that his best friend was manipulating him all along, Derek still can't help but to feel lost, now that Edward is moving away and leaving him all by himself. Meanwhile, Jane and Matthew keep pressuring Scott to confess a sexuality not even himself is sure of.


The Golden Week - Part 3 (2013)

After meeting Edward's mysterious friend, Derek has to deal with another person trying to make him give up on Scott, which might be a good idea, since fate seems to be throwing someone else at the young dog's path.


The Golden Week - Part 2 (2013)

When Derek meets someone with whom he might actually have a chance in love, his friend advises him to give up on this person. Now this stubborn lion will have to decide whether to be reckless and pursue his heart's wishes or be selfless and hear what his friend has to say.


The Golden Week - Part 1 (2012)

Despite past experiences, Derek Stanley looks for true love, even though he feels himself ever more distant from everything that matters. This ordinary lion may find his next writing lead from a totaly unexpected source with even more surprising results. In the end, his next written column for the Daily Stripe might not be the biggest of his worries after all.

Rejoice in the first chapter of this long saga and my first attempt at comicking for real.