My own personal site!

Welp, there it is!

Ever since I got serious about doing comics back in 2014, I’ve been trying to find a place online to host it at. My first option was make a site of my own, which was good, but managing it was incredibly laborious and slow. Then I moved to Wordpress and had a lot of problems concerning security there. Lastly, I took it to Tumblr, but now with Tumblr deciding to remove all adult content from their site, once again I’m forced to migrate all of my comics.

I have also decided to get a domain of my own, to make it easier for people to find my work and centralize my audience, but I also did that through Tumblr, which didn’t seem to work out due to the amount of adult art I’ve been doing.

So, I’ve finally gotten around to creating a site of my own again, but now using Squarespace.
I also decided to merge both contents in a single place. Have my art portfolio and my comics in the same site to make it easier for everyone to find my stuff. So there it goes!

Here’s to hoping this one lasts longer than my last attempts combined and cheers to a new world of web publishing!

Now, I’m off to finish fiddling with this system and upload a few more gigabytes of porn here and there.

See ya!

PS. Remember to leave a comment down bellow that so I can test the comment system in here and consider subwoofing to hear more from me in the future~